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x rays midland tx

At NuChoice, we offer patients the most advanced digital x-ray services that Midland, TX has available. Digital x-ray images can be modified, cropped, filtered, enhanced, and edited just like any other digital photo. The images produced have superior contrast and clarity that is not possible with film x-ray images.

How X-Rays Work

An x-ray is created when a negatively charged electrode is heated by electricity and electrons are released which produces energy. That energy is directed toward an anode, or metal plate, at a high velocity. The x-ray is in other words produced when the energy collides with the atoms in the metal plate.

As the x-ray enters your body, it passes through your muscles, skin, and organs, as soft tissue cannot absorb the energy of the x-ray. However, bone absorbs x-ray energy and they appear white or light on the film. 

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