Ultrasounds in Midland, TX

ultrasounds in midland tx

NuChoice is equipped with one of the latest ultrasounds on the market for ultrasound scans and ultrasonic testing. We are able to perform a wide variety of ultrasound tests and ultrasound scans such as ultrasound scans of the carotid arteries, thyroid, abdomen, kidneys, gallbladder, aorta, heart, liver, spleen, testes, breasts, pancreas, prostate, baby, veins and more.

Our screening ultrasound testing, as well as diagnostic ultrasound testing, is performed for early diagnosis of heart disease and cancer as well as evaluating and diagnosing masses and other abnormalities.

How Ultrasounds Work

Ultrasound imaging uses high-frequency sound waves to produce an image of the inside of a patient’s body. Sound waves travel into the area being examined until they hit a boundary between tissues. Some of the sound waves are reflected back to the probe at the boundaries.

Other sound waves travel further until they reach a different boundary and then are reflected back. The direction, speed, and distance that the sound waves travel differ depending on the boundary they run into. The computer uses the information (differences in direction, speed, and distance) as a two-dimensional image on a computer screen.

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